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Create your opportunities in Heilbronn - your base in the heart of Europe.

Our Mission

The Heilbronn-Franconia region and the surrounding area are unique: A region of world market leaders, strong economic and training structures, ideal framework conditions and great people. We see it as our mission to offer young start-ups and “grown-ups” with an emphasis on technology good prospects in the German and European market. Therefore, one of our main goals is to help innovative start-ups get settled in their future location of Heilbronn, in the heart of Europe.

As a result of our years of experience in financing and looking after start-ups, we are an ideal partner when it comes to the settleling and setup of organisations. We at Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn offer the opportunity to address the German and Europe Market together with us and with the help of the world market leaders from our network based here.


You are a start-up / grown-up with a strong focus on technology.
You have a futuristic outlook.
Your proof of concept is secure and you want to start operating in Europe.
You want to join the German and European market and expand across European borders in a dynamic area.

We can support you! move2grow


What our partners are saying.

move2grow – into a region full of world market leaders

Is this your next market?

Your access to Europe and its technology hubs.

Heilbronn your base!

Perfect infrastructure, renowned neighbours, a region worth living in.


Take your business to the next level and beyond.

Your Needs

Access to the European market and to market leaders
Central location
Support in setting up the location
On-site support
Cultural guidance

Our Services


The Heilbronn region is our home. We know the global market leaders located here, the investors and authorities relevant when starting a business.

Legal Support

We know first-hand the legal challenges that start-ups and establishing companies face. We will help you to find the easiest official channel, but can also provide professional legal advice in the case of complex matters.

HR Services

We know the region’s job market and maintain contacts in higher educational institutions, service agencies and recruiters. We will help you recruit qualified professionals and leaders!

Operation Services

Well-founded knowledge in accounting, German tax law and insurance are vital. We will help you with advice, action and our network! We are also knowledgeable about subsidy programmes.

On-site Services

We have direct links to business centres, economic development offices and property specialists. We will be happy to advise you on the planning and conception of the new business location.


Our support is our invest in your company.


Sebastian Pyzalski

Hi, I drive the sourcing & partnering for move2grow. Ping me, if you are interested in expanding your business to the economic powerhouse of Baden-Württemberg.

Senior Start-Up & Technologie Scout

Markus Götz

Hi, I will drive the sourcing & partnering of (inter-)national startups through the development of a network of innovative companies and market leaders in Baden-Wuerttemberg and beyond.

Move to make your business grow.

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